Trellis net or trellinet for its abbreviation, HORTOMALLAS plant support does the trick

Trellis netting or trellinet for short is a system of plant support

Trellinet as the generic word for vegetable tutoring net is know is a new product based on thousand years old knowledge that vegetables must be trained and tutored upwards as a way to keep them healthy staying away from the humidity of the soil.  Trellinet is used with chillies peppers and with tomatoes as both of these plants need of a good support, usually provided by raffia twine.

There are many great differences when comparing trellis net and raffia is the speed with which they are installed, one much slower and labor intensive (raffia) the other much faster to install with only 1/3 of the laborers needed with the older system,  The other point against raffia is its structure, raffia twine is twisted and within its crests can hide a whole bunch of plant pathogens that will be shielded by any chemical treatment.  Furthermore by trellising with raffia one must handle the plants continuously, therefore transmitting mechanically diseases (bacteria, virus or fungi) from one plant to the next as the worker walks down the furrows, and unknowingly doing more damage than white flies or thrips.

Trellinet allows a much faster deployment of the tutoring system, as it just needs to be unrolled and attached to the support posts.  Climbing plants such as cucumbers, squash or melons will use their tendrils to attach to the netting, while in the case of shrubs like tomatoes, eggplants or peppers the branches with gently lean on the horizontal strands of the net and be supported passively as they start filling up with fruits and flowers.

Plants need to be standing upright in order to improve ventilation and increase solar exposure, also growing vertically allows the farmer and horticulturists to increase crop density and therefore better use its resources by yielding a higher harvest per surface unit, so trellinet (trellis net) becomes the main aid for improving plant health. Follow trellinet on facebook

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